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Katie + Braeden - Sassafras Springs Vineyard Wedding

Experience the enchanting love story of Katie & Braeden's fall wedding at Sassafras Springs Vineyard. Immerse yourself in the golden glow of romance and celebration.

This wedding is near and dear to my heart, not only is Katie a friend but we grew up together as girls! Katie and Braedens wedding was filled with so much love, joy, and a whole lot of sick ass dance moves. The day started with Katie and her girls laughing it up, playing throwback r & b tunes and getting fancy for the big day ahead. Braeden spent his morning chillen with his guys and shaking off the pre ceremony jitters. To know this couple is to know a golden LOVE & a whole lot of FUN!!! They chose to read private vows & soak in those moments completely off camera and wrapped up together! One of the most special parts of their day was when Katie dedicated her bouquet to her mama , " my mama did it all and she deserves this moment." This didn't leave a single dry eye in the room. Your wedding is meant to be centered around the things that you and your partner love the most and they did just that with a dance party...


Venue: Sassafras Springs Vineyard

Brides Dress: Violets Formal

Photographer & Videographer: Bethany Sanny Photo and Film


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