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Bailey + Jesse - Missouri Western Wedding

Uncover the heartwarming love story behind Bailey & Jesse's intimate Missouri Western wedding. From a picturesque proposal to a kicka** reception!

Bailey and Jesse met about 8 years ago while their families were at horse camp together, he eventually became Baileys Family Farrier. Jesse finally worked up the courage to tell her how he felt about her during her first year of college & at the time Bailey let him know she was not quite ready for a relationship and had a bit of growing up to do… she said “that not too long after that everything fell together and the man who had been a friend and riding partner became the man that I knew God had made for me..”  March 25,2023 in the Mountains of Arkansas during a trail ride Jesse got down on one knee and proposed to Bailey , little did Bailey know that their mothers had helped him plan the big surprise and this was sentimental for them to have their families and pets present! 

In Baileys words “ Our Friendship and love is something that I cherish, hes my best friend and I am his. “

Fast forward to September 21, 2023 they are officially saying I Do and Forever to one another at Larry's Buffalo Creek Cabins… another sentimental addition to their absolutely perfect western wedding. Not only is the owner a family friend but they have also had family get married at the same spot! Everything about The Hayworth Wedding was oriented in detail and traditional love. The day started with all of their families pitching in to help decorate the ceremony and reception space, all of the decor items were borrowed from loved ones and utilized in the most perfect way. Details like the heirloom turquoise that Bailey wore, the vintage soup mugs for their dinner, and the ring box that Jesse proposed with that was picked out by Bailey's' father and gifted to Jesse for “ when the time was right." The desserts made with love from family friends, and the saddles used during their ceremony being the saddles of their mothers all details that they will cherish for a lifetime.  The girls spent their morning taking it easy while cherishing their time with Bailey , while the guys were setting up and doing everything possible to shower the bride and groom with love! There were so many special moments throughout the day, a few of them being Baileys mother and grandmother helping her into her dress, her ever so emotional first look with her father, the wedding day handshake between Jesse and his now father in law, all moments that have so much meaning, moments that lead up to that one moment… the one where Jesse is finally able to shake those wedding day butterflies and see his beautiful bride Bailey walk down the aisle ready to spend forever together. Now this is usually the part in the day where most people think that all of the important moments are complete, but Bailey and Jesse's reception was the ultimate party filled with laughter, dancing, and tear jerking speeches! A perfect way to end their celebratory day!

Bailey and Jesse are now parents to a sweet baby girl , and cannot wait to show her the wonderful world of the western community as she grows! Their love for family, and horses will shine bright through her! 

The Hayworths!


Brides Dress : Violets Bridal

Brides Boots: Justins Boots

Brides Moccasins : Thecraigpaul store ( ETSY)

Brides Jewelry: Heirloom Turquoise handed down through her family

Brides Hair and Makeup: Alisha McAlister @

Brides Engagement Ring : Montana Silversmith 

Brides Wedding Band: Oh Jewel 

Grooms Hat: Rodeo King

Grooms Shirt: Stetson 

Grooms Ring; Vogt Silversmith

Grooms Tie: DiBan Gu Store

Bridesmaids Dresses: Platos Closet, Baltic Born and Thrifted

Groomsmen Shirt: Personal Shirts

Groomsmens Ties: Tie Bar

Cupcakes and Cookies : Sugar Mamas Baking Company 

Cake: Family friend of the bride and groom

Saddles: Bride and Grooms Personal Saddles

Venue: Larrys Buffalo Creek Cabin

Decor; All Thrifted by the bride and groom

Cowhide Rugs: Borrowed from Family Friends

Bouquet Wrap and Garter: Lisa Florey Leatherworks 

Thank you for viewing - Bethany Sanny



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